Church Management

For many people the way the church is run and managed is a mystery – things just happen!

In practice the management of church affairs follows the rules set out by the Methodist Church UK. These provide for the establishment of a Church Council and the oversight of a General Church Meeting. This what happens at Euxton, and the following is a short explanation of how our church is managed.

Church Council

The Church Council has authority and oversight over the whole area of the ministry of the Church, including the management of its property. It appoints committees that have authority, in their areas of responsibility, to initiate action and co-ordinate work done in the Church, advise the Church Council and report to it on matters within its authority and oversight. Members of the Church Council are members of the Methodist Church and are ‘Managing Trustees’. The Church Council meets at least twice a year to discuss and make decisions in relation to its responsibilities. The managing trustees share in the responsibility for leadership and oversight of the Charity.

General Church Meeting

A General Church Meeting is held annually and has responsibility to consider the whole ministry of the Church and every part of it and in making appointments to ensure the co-operation of the whole Church. This requires a proper representation of all the diversities present in the Church, including those who are newcomers. The meeting is open to all persons on the Church community roll.

The constitution and specific functions of the ‘Church Council’ and the ‘General Church Meeting’ are detailed in ‘The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church’ (Volume 2 Part 6 – The Local Churches). Also, an Information Leaflet describing ’Managing Trustees and their responsibilities’, and many other documents can be accessed from the national Methodist Church site by clicking here.