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The next planned service is our Harvest Celebration and Communion in Euxton Methodist Church at 10:30 on Sunday, 11th October. For more details regarding the service, please click here.

Also, please do join us on our weekly You Tube service provided by Chorley and Leyland Circuit team and the Zoom services and chat room from the Circuit and Lancashire District. Details and the links can found by clicking here.

On the 15th June 2020, Lancashire County Council (LCC) said that they were now satisfied that all the government’s Covid safety conditions are met across the whole county, including in Lancashire. Consequently, Nature Trail Nursery have informed us that they will reopen in the church hall on Wednesday 1st July. The church safety notice (below) will remain in place. If you need to enter church premises, please ensure you follow the requirements in the notice.

Nursery staff and parents are not permitted entry into the hall.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Euxton Methodist Church Premises


Much work is presently underway to get ready for the time we want to use our buildings for worship and to allow our regular users to re-start activities where possible.

It should be noted that, for safety reasons, whatever we do must comply with Government Covid-19 rules and the Methodist Church’s guidelines for returning to our buildings.

You will be aware that at present Nature Trail Nursery is using the Wesley Room, kitchen and car park between 8am and 6 pm on weekdays and that these areas are “off  limits” for other users during these times. If anyone wishes to enter the church or church hall, they must obtain prior permission and “sign-in-and-sanitize” on arrival.

Plans are underway to hold a trial All Age Worship Service in the Hall on Sunday 20th  September, and a trial Oasis/Communion service in Church on Wednesday 23rd September. Full details about these will be published in due course.

Some of our hall users have already enquired about returning to use the hall and all our licensed users have been given the following information. This process will be applied to all outside and church groups wanting to use the hall whilst the current Covid crisis continues.

This process and the rules and regulations applying to using our facilities at Euxton Methodist Church will be published on the website and/or sent to each organisation by email.

With regards to returning to the hall, priority is being given to the use of our premises for worship and ensuring the safety of everyone using the buildings. 

A significant factor in being able to allow organisations to return will be ensuring that the premises are Covid clean each letting. We will also require the provision of an acceptable risk assessment from users to show how they will safeguard their activities and ensure the hall is left Covid clean after their use.

As part of a groups risk assessment we would urge them to clean/sanitise all surfaces, handles and all areas to be used by their group before they arrive, thus  safeguarding their members, and then after your meeting they are urged to do a Covid clean of those areas the group will have come into contact with. 

When you feel the time is right for your organisation to return we will be pleased to discuss your plans with you, and you will be asked to provide us with a copy of your risk assessment which will then need to be approved by our Church Council and our Superintendent Minister

Due to the Covid situation and our cleaning requirements it may not be possible to let users return on the same basis as before. We may need to ask you to be flexible regarding the day or times you want , or regrettably it may not be possible to allow you to return in the short term. We will do our best to help you, but we may need to prioritise our users on a “first come” basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

John Smith, Property Secretary

Peter Goodliffe, Bookings Secretary

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Church premises have been closed for ten weeks now and it is likely to be several months before the premises are used for Worship or by Church Groups and regular outside users. However, Nature Trail Nursery has informed us this week that they are hoping to re-start their Nursery in the Wesley Room on Monday, 1st June 2020 with a reduced number of children and initially slightly reduced hours 8.00am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday). The Nursery will use the Wesley Room Building, Church Hall kitchen and car park area. They have been requested not to enter the remaining parts of the Church Hall.

The Methodist Church has provided a substantial amount of guidance on safeguarding church premises during the lockdown, recommending inspecting the premises, preventing Legionella in water systems, taking precautions and advising on the re-opening of premises. During the lockdown, I have been making weekly visits to check the premises to ensure they are secure, there is no vandal damage, no water leaks or no maintenance issues. I have also been flushing the water systems weekly since late April to prevent Legionella occurring in the water systems and I will continue to inspect the buildings and flush the water systems until we can re-open the premises for general use. Alan Cornwell has been keeping the outside of the premises clean and tidy and also cutting back vegetation. Lydia Goodliffe has been playing the organ weekly, as recommended.

We are advised to restrict access to the premises during the partial lockdown period to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to maintain social distancing.

We need to restrict access to the Church premises by all other keyholders until further notice. If anyone needs to access the Church or Church Hall will they please contact either Peter Goodliffe (Mobile 07958311155) or John Smith (Mobile 07807893323). If and when you enter the church premises use the front entrance door to the Church Hall, lock the door behind you and leave after your visit using the side fire exit door. No one is to access the Wesley Room building and other keyholders are asked to avoid using the Church Hall kitchen as far as possible, during the current access restrictions in order to avoid contact with Nursery staff or children and also to minimise the risk of contaminating surfaces they use. We have been advised to introduce a Covid-19 Register to record who has entered the premises and this will be located in the Church Hall on a table near to the front entrance door. A pen will be provided but you are advised to use your own pen to minimise contamination. A hand sanitiser is available to be used immediately on entering the Church Hall and Clinical Sanitising Wipes to clean any surfaces that you touch whilst on the premises.

Peter Goodliffe will be contacting all Church Group Leaders and outside users who are keyholders, informing them not to enter the church premises without contacting himself or me first.

Thank you for your co-operation in keeping yourself safe and others safe from Covid-19 during the pandemic.

John Smith, (Property Secretary)