Men’s Group

The Men@Euxton do not have regular or time-tabled meetings. However, we usually meet every 6 to 8 weeks in the lounge of The Insti on Wigan Road at 7:30 on a Wednesday evening.

We meet to listen to presentations on a wide range of subjects such as  the Christian vision of Men,  can a scientist be a Christian, or to hear from the pilot who ejected from a jet fighter at 600mph and 250 feet above the ground and lived to tell his story! We also have some open sessions when we discuss with a local preacher the sermon message they gave at a recent service, or have a “Table Talk” game where we take turns to ask and answer worldly or light-heated topics set out in a board game.

No matter what our topics are, each meeting always starts with a hot supper and a drink, has lots to laugh and talk about, and usually ends with discussions about football, cars or the garden!

Details about upcoming meetings are circulated by email to men from Euxton, across the Circuit and to friends whether from other churches or who just want to come and join in a good conversation. Dates and details also appear in our weekly Newsletters and will be posted on the Diary section of this website.

To add your name to our contact list, or to suggest speakers, please call Peter Goodliffe on 07958 311155, or contact him via the link to the Bookings Secretary on the “Get in touch” page.