Our Prayer Chain

We believe in the power of prayer and that prayers are important.

Many of our prayers focus on names shared publicly in Family News each week but, we are also aware of those in our congregation who prefer the privacy of personal prayers and support, and we respect this.

This is the reason our prayer chain exists. With thanks to those who are part of this team, confidential prayers for care or prayerful support can be given to anyone.

Names and circumstances are not shared within the group unless this is requested. We often include friends and family beyond our own congregation, thus creating a network of prayer and love for people we only know by name, but whose needs are always, and already known to God.

Our prayer chain includes: Gyula Fiak, David Berry, Carol Berry, Margaret Bibby, Joyce Nelson, Sue Whitehead, Glenys Minor, Christine Charnock, Elaine Leyland, Bob Smith, Yvonne Lancaster and Lydia Goodliffe.

If you have any prayer requests, please contact Lydia Goodliffe on 07752 747263. If you prefer you can speak with Gyula, our Minister, or your pastoral visitor or any member of the group, and your request will be shared with the group, with your permission of course. If you wish to get in contact with the Minister, please use one of the options on the Get in touch page by clicking here