Nature Trail Nursery

As you can probably tell from the name Nature Trail, we love to be outside whatever the weather! We explore our local surroundings daily going on walks, playing on the park, and going out to visit our local community.

The Nursery is a 20-place setting, providing care and education for children from two to five years. The Nursery is one room with a large outdoor area attached, where we spend lots of our time. 

Our nursery provides age appropriate activities for your child, using natural and open-ended resources. We use the ‘in the moment’ method of planning to ensure that your child’s interest and enthusiasm is captured immediately. It is in that moment of curiosity, puzzlement, effort or interest (the ‘teachable moment’) that our skilful staff make a difference. They are then able to scaffold your child’s learning in order for them to achieve success and to build on the skills being learnt. 

The philosophy of the setting is to provide a continuous, free-flow provision (when appropriate) and lots of open-ended play, where they feel safe and secure, whilst becoming confident, self-motivated, independent learners through their play.

The Nursery Practitioners work closely alongside parents/guardians and other child care professionals. Working in partnership is essential to the well-being and development of children.

Many Thanks and I hope to see you soon. 

Chloe (Manager)

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