Pastoral Team

Class leaders or Pastoral visitors, as they are known today, were set up by John Wesley in the early stages of his ministry.  The Class Leader was appointed to each new group of Methodists to guide and support the members in the absence of John who was out on his travels converting people to the new way of church.

A Pastoral Carer/Visitor is at the centre of the life of the church and the caring ministry and assists the Minister by carrying out visiting when it cannot be done personally by the Minister.  The Pastoral Visitor can be the first point of contact if a confidential listening ear is required on any subject and can assist and support anyone with a query whether spiritual or otherwise.

The community roll of Euxton is made up of anyone who is a member of the Methodist Church, attends regularly or is connected through one of the church organisations.  This list is then split up into groups and each group is allocated to a Pastoral Visitor, either geographically or by practical interest The Pastoral Visitor is then responsible for the wellbeing of the people in that group. First and foremost they are there to serve you.

There are at the moment seven pastoral carers at the church, but if you feel you have a desire to serve the church community in this way then please get in touch with any of the following – 

  • Margaret Bibby, pastoral co-ordinator (01257 264331),
  • Yvonne Lancaster,
  • Linda White,
  • Sue Fishwick,  
  • Diane Perry,
  • Kate Sage,
  • John Smith,
  • Christine Wroe.

All pastoral carers need to be aware of, and receive training in, Safeguarding principles.