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What is Musical Mischief?

Musical Mischief provides Music and Movement activities for pre-school children and their parents or carers in the community and in nursery and preschool settings. My classes help all children develop through fun, play based activities.

How it all began?

Hi! I’m Helena, founder and sole owner of Musical Mischief. In 2009 I had my daughter Sofia and from an early age I really enjoyed taking her to Music and Movement classes and could see how amazing music, movement and singing was for her development in so many ways.

When Sofia was 18 months old, we moved to Abu Dhabi where I was lucky enough to be able to spend all my time at home and out and about with Sofia. When she was ready for school, I wanted to find work that would allow me the flexibility to be there before and after school. This is where Musical Mischief began. I was able to take my love of Music and Movement and share it with the communities and nurseries in Dubai.

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Thomas was born in 2013 and not long after he became my little sidekick, coming along to all my classes. In 2017 we decided that it was time for us to leave Dubai and move back to the UK where once settled I started to build my Musical Mischief business here in Chorley. I have grown my business from one little class to now providing 11 classes a week in the community and lots of local nurseries too where I am able to coming my journey and share my love of learning through music and fun play-based activities.

What effect does Music and Movement have on pre-school children?

Music has a profound effect on child development. Exposing children to music from an early age helps them in many ways including:

❤️ Learning new sounds and meanings of words, language, and overall literacy.

💙 Social-emotional development. Helping children to manage emotions and develop meaningful relationships.

❤️ Development of new fine and gross motor skills such as grasping, sitting, crawling, walking, running, throwing, balance, strength, control and coordination.

💙 Confidence building through being around other adults and children and learning how to  interact and connect with others.

❤️ Self-expression. Being yourself not just at home but surrounded by others.

💙 Patience. Learning to take turns without becoming annoyed or anxious.

❤️ Creative activities let kids release their emotions and express their emotions.

💙 Improved physical and mental health through movement.

❤️ Encourages children to be curious and imaginative.

My classes are all about having fun, and when children are having fun and feel happy they will absorb the world around them.

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Class timetables

During the Covid crisis we have, of course, to adhere to government restrictions and requirements to ensure the safety of everyone attending classes and using the premises. Full details will be sent to all parents in advance of their class.

Euxton Methodist Church hall  classes are:-


11.00-11.45am (0-5 years)

12.15-1.00pm (pre-walkers)

1.30-2.15pm (0-5 years)





 12.00-12.45pm (0-5 years)

1.15-2.00pm (0-5 years)


10.00-10.45am (0-5 years)

11.15am-12.00pm (0-5 years)

12.30-1.15pm (0-5 years)


10.30-11.15am (0-5 years)

To book, contact:

Helena O’Reilly –, 07786166284